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  • Anonymous said: How do you deal with being an introvert? Is it hard? Do you get lonely sometimes?

    Sometimes it’s overwhelming. I rarely get lonely socially. Romantically however.. lol leul

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    Anonymous said: Do you go clubbing? If not what do you do for fun?

    Sometimes. Err I live..I just live

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    reminder that ya boy bill gates (along with his bill and melinda gates foundation) invest in the very private prisons that create a demand for more black/brown bodies

    ps. Melinda Gates/the foundation has an obsession with figuring out how to control the reproductive decisions of African women, particularly in Ethiopia and Nigeria.

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    "Depression is such a cruel punishment. There are no fevers, no rashes, no blood tests to send people scurrying in concern. Just the slow erosion of the self, as insidious as any cancer. And, like cancer, it is essentially a solitary experience. A room in hell with only your name on the door."

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    Can y’all actually believe a man shot and killed someone and he isn’t in jail yet after nearly a month? Like really let that sink in. A man killed an 18 year old child and he is on paid leave from his job. Really think about that.

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    I don’t understand how all Muslims are called terrorists because of what one group of 19 extremist men did 13 years ago.

    But white people aren’t called terrorists when they invaded their countries, killed millions of civilians, when they shoot up schools, shoot up movie theaters, and kill random POC. Isn’t that something.

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    I wish people didn’t think silence was awkward, just enjoy it. Not every space has to be filled with words.

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    Anonymous said: Where are you? I need you now.

    I’m in my apartment, get in contact x

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    "Today I may be nothing, but one day I will be something great."

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    I know it’s wrong to blow your own horn but how cute is this 😊 Depop @aasiyahjasmine
    "Right now, someone you haven’t met is out there wondering what it would be like to meet someone like you."
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